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National Goodwill Campaign

In 1991, Princess Basma launched the first National Goodwill Campaign, to help families living in poverty throughout Jordan.

Focusing on isolated communities, the Goodwill Campaign reaches the most vulnerable families in dire need of assistance to offer essential food items and clothing, medical , university scholarships, schooling necessities and financial assistance.

Programmes have been developed for the campaign′s other main dimension, which encourages self-sustainability for families living below the poverty line by helping them start their own income-generating projects.

Although active all year long, campaign efforts peak every year during the Holy Month of Ramadan, (the month of giving) drawing on the Islamic values of solidarity and support, and emphasizes the importance of cooperation and participation. Each year the campaign reaches around 15,000 beneficiaries.

The Goodwill Campaign has become a recognised pillar of Jordanian philanthropy and charitable donation, bringing in thousands of volunteers, from young people, to medical professionals. The business community and private sector are also engaging increasingly with the Campaign, which compliments their corporate social responsibility objectives.


We are still only at the beginning. Our country and our people need much more and it is our responsibility as Jordanians to help care for each and every member of our communities…This campaign is the means through which these kinds of people can be helped.