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Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre

A growing need to place young people in Jordan at the heart of national development processes spurred the establishment of the Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre (PBYRC) in 2002.

PBYRC is located at the Queen Zein Al-Sharaf Institute for Development (ZENID) and is a leading national resource centre for youth issues.

The youth empowerment centre strives for young Jordanian voices to be heard while aiding their active participation in public life.

The Centre also seeks to provide the opportunity, support, resources and freedom for youth to express their needs and shape new realities for their future while thinking creatively and critically about themselves and their roles in society.

Many of the PBYRC programmes are designed for youth and by the youth. PBYRC works with young people aged 10-24 from across the Kingdom.

Its focus for this segment of society is particularly crucial to Jordan because nearly 60 per cent of the population is recorded to be less than 25 years of age.

The youth led centre has progressive programs that enhance young people’s participation in the country′s development. 

The dynamic centre includes various programmes designed to address pressing issues that are facing youth today. 

Activities seek to help increase youth employment, promote volunteerism and participation in civil society as well as to stimulate a culture of youth that use democratic thinking practices.

PBYRC’s wide varieties of programmes are implemented in partnership with a diverse group of public and private partners as well as national regional and international donors.