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Higher Population Council

Based on the close linkages between population  issues and national development concerns, Princess Basma initiated in 1988 a proposal to the  government to establish the  Jordanian National Population Commission (JNPC), which was adopted immediately,  including a General Secretariat hosted by JOHUD.

In 1994, Princess Basma initiated a re-organisation of the JNPC and with enhanced efforts the launch of Jordan′s first National Population Strategy was introduced in 1996. This strategy was ratified by the government and JNPC was officially assigned as the national focal point and coordinating body for all population related programmes and information.

Princess Basma is keen  on strengthening cooperation and coordination with regional and international  bodies concerned with population issues; as a result, in 2001 the United  Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) appointed Princess Basma as Goodwill  Ambassador. She is also the Honorary President  of the Jordanian Association for Family Planning and Protection, a local NGO  affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

In December 2002, with the culmination of its expanded role and responsibilities, JNPC was renamed The Higher Population Council (HPC). Headed by the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, HPC is empowered with the authority to direct national efforts to achieve sustainable development by striving to create a balance between population and growth, as well as social and economic resources.

Her Royal Highness continues to oversee all HPC activities  and progresses made and continuously underlines the important role youth  play in bringing about sustainable  development through the achievement of  and investment in the Demographic Opportunity as they are a core component of its polices. The Princess has emphasized  that understanding and preparing for the Demographic Opportunity is key in reaching smaller dependency ratio  (ratio of dependents to working-age population), and therefore a demographic  potential for high economic growth, as favorable dependency ratios tend to  boost economic and social development progress.

Each  year, the HPC in cooperation with the UNFPA celebrate World Population Day and take the opportunity to highlight the latest population issues  facing Jordan while announcing its most recent statistics.


The Higher Population Council actively promotes development programs designed to achieve an equitable balance between the country’s resources and people’s needs... Ultimately, it is by enhancing human capabilities that the overall goals of progress and development can be achieved.