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Farah al Nas Radio

Farah Al Nas is a radio station for young people and local communities, launched in July 2008 by HRH Princess Basma. The station is unique in that it is managed by young people, and it aims to give a voice to youth and act as a vehicle for them to express their opinions and to raise local issues for their communities.

The project was supported by USAID, and is hosted by the Queen Zein al Sharaf, ZENID, at the Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre, PBYRC. The Jordanian National Commission for Women JNCW is a key partner in the initiative and is responsible for steering its activities and strategy.

Farah Al Nas (which translates, joy of the people) hopes to be a dynamic way of spreading social awareness, raising issues and encouraging dialogue, and where young people and communities can have their voices heard. Broadcast on 98.5 FM, Farah Al Nas reaches most of the capital Amman, Karak, Irbid, Mafraq and the Ghor, but it seeks to have nation-wide coverage soon.


We hope that Farahalnas will be able to reach out to all segments of the society especially women and the youth. We want Farahalnas to be their voice; to express their hopes and aspirations