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Al Rajaa School for the Hearing-Impaired

In 1977, Her Royal Highness Princess Basma inaugurated Al Rajaa School, a learning institution established through the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) to meet hearing- impaired student′s needs in Jordan. 

Al Rajaa was inspired from Princess Basma′s belief in educational rights for all children and developed as an outcome of JOHUDs long standing efforts to promote
sustainable human development to improve the livelihoods of everyone.

Today, Al Rajaa is a respected pillar in its community as it cemented its reputation as a leader in providing specialised, high quality and balanced education for the hearing-impaired from Kindergarten to high-school levels.

Located in Ruseifa/Al Zarqa governorate, the three-storey school building occupies a beautiful 10-acre campus and is equipped with twenty-two deaf and hard of hearing teachers, many of whom have been there since its establishment and are considered the school′s greatest asset.

Recognised both locally and regionally, the school is the only educational institution in the Kingdom offering specialised services in the General-Secondary (Tawjihi) education (scientific streaming) of the hearing-impaired, with a successful track record in graduating a prominent number of students with a High School Diploma preparing them for their Higher Education.

The School′s total communication philosophy embraces Arabic, English, sign language, the integration of speech, auditory training, reading, writing, and use of assistive devices as essential parts of total education that enables students to achieve a good level of language and communication literacy.