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Mabarrat Um Al-Hussein Home for Boys

Mabarrat Um al Hussein is a home for disadvantaged, orphaned boys that was established in 1958 by the late Queen Zein Al Sharaf, Princess Basma’s mother. In 1994, at the request of His Majesty the late King Hussein, Princess Basma became Patron of Mabarrat Um Al Hussein, continuing the late Queen’s legacy of caring for children in need.

Chaired by the Princess, the Mabarrat provides a secure and healthy environment for around 150 boys between the ages of 6-18 years old.

Over the years, the Mabarrat has taken in thousands of boys; many of whom are now successful professionals with children of their own.

Basic support includes offering a safe environment where boys can benefit from a combination of academic and extra-curricular activities. The Mabarrat strives to reintegrate boys into their local schools by the time they have reached the secondary level.

Additionally some boys are offered scholarships or financial support for university or college education or vocational training. The in-house counsellors also follow up with graduates to assist their entrance into the labour market.

When possible the Mabarrat prepares the child and his family for his return home which includes long-term follow up to ensure the family′s well being. The centre also builds on the potentials of the child′s family by offering them social and economic skills.

Widowed or divorced mothers who are unable to handle their children’s expenses are often given income-generating opportunities or vocational training.

The Mabarrat’s aim is maintaining a model community–based family centre. This support is helping families to learn to deal with complex challenges, so that they can cope on their own and so where possible families can stay together.


The Mubarrat has built everything that I am, my character is strong, I have learned how to stay healthy in mind and body,  - 19 year old Jerash University student and former Mabarrat resident.