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Press Release

Netherlands – Five years after the launch of the Earth Charter Initiative, Her Royal Highness Princess Basma bint Talal attended the three day international Earth Charter meeting to celebrate the accomplishments of the Earth Charter, at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.

Organised in collaboration with the Earth Charter International Secretariat, the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), and the NCDO – Netherlands National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development, the Earth Charter+5 event will be linked with the commemorate Queen Beatrix′s 25th year anniversary on the throne.

The ceremony which marks the, "Achievements and Future Perspectives of the Earth Charter," aims to assess the impact of the Earth Charter initiative and set goals, priorities, and future strategies, in line with efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

Speaking at the thematic session entitled: "Building a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence with the Earth Charter," Her Royal Highness Princess Basma emphasized the need to establish effective communication and a common understanding of the term "Culture of Peace".

"Through dialogue we iron out misunderstandings and avoid conflict… Peace is not simply the absence of war… We all want to inhabit, cultivate and honour peace."

Highlighting Jordan′s commitment to the Earth Charter, Princess Basma pointed out the strength of the Earth Charter in promoting peace building through democracy in action.

According to Her Royal Highness, Jordan has been fortunate to have a very active chapter of the Earth Charter Youth Initiative.

"They (Black Iris) have brought a whole new generation of young Jordanians to debate and a process that goes far wider than the traditional conservation discourse. Through their advocacy, the Earth Charter was adopted as the basis for Jordan’s National Youth Strategy – which aims to promote a culture of peace for future generations."

In her concluding remarks, Princess Basma noted that a culture of peace cultivates and honours the voice of all peoples. "I was privileged to be invited to provide the ‘after word’; for the Earth Charter publication…As I said in my opening remarks – the value of these events is the opportunity to listen and read what others have to say."

At a ceremony to mark "Achievements and Future Perspectives of the Earth Charter" held yesterday in commemoration of Queen Beatrix′s 25th year anniversary on the throne, Her Royal Highness Princess Basma paid tribute to Her Majesty Queen Beatrix for her leadership and support to the Earth Charter and for brining the celebration of the Earth Charter +5 to Amsterdam.

Princess Basma noted that one of the main strengths of the Earth Charter initiative is that is has effectively harnessed the support of world leaders, who unite across ideological, religious and cultural differences in the interests of the greater good.

"In this era of rapid change, it is essential to have role models of continuity and commitment to act as inspiration for others. Those who occupy a public position can use their privilege responsibly to speak out on behalf of those whose voice is often ignored."

At the end of the ceremony the Princess commended the launch of the Earth Charter Book which according to Her Royal Highness bears testimony to the ways that people in diverse contexts can all work together for a common cause.

"Few initiatives have been so successful in mobilizing such a wide range of supporters from around the world."