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Princess Basma calls for the adoption of Earth Charter

Jordan Times - In her capacity as Earth Charter Commissioner, HRH Princess Basma addressed an audience of UK opinion leaders from industry, business and environmental advocacy groups in London.

The event, entitled 'The Value of Values,' was hosted at the Imperial College London.

Sharing the platform with Ruud Lubbers, former prime minister of the Netherlands, and President of Green Cross International Alexander Likhotal, Princess Basma urged the adoption of the Earth Charter and its application to promote intercultural dialogue.

The mission of the Earth Charter Initiative is "to establish a sound ethical foundation for the emerging global society and to help build a sustainable world based on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice and a culture of peace," according to its website.

Princess Basma also noted that Jordan′s reputation as a haven of peace in a region of conflict is based on an openness and acceptance of diverse cultures and religions.

She quoted from the Amman Message, launched by His Majesty King Abdullah in 2004, which states that: "As Muslims, we are guided by an ethical code that promotes the well-being of all humanity through the unity of the human race, equal rights and obligations, peace, security, social equality, the honouring of pledges, neighbourliness and respect for others, and the protection of belongings and property."

On the theme of socially responsible business, Princess Basma spoke of the newly established Fair Trade Jordan as an example of an NGO alliance that is able to form effective coalitions with the private sector and government to promote “fairness” and decent values in business.

All speakers reiterated the need for the private sector to work more closely with civil society to establish ethical codes of conduct for economic and social development.

The seminar was the first of a series of events to promote the Earth Charter around the world, and led to a commitment to establish a chapter of the Earth Charter in Britain. An exhibition will also be held in Amman to celebrate Jordan′s contribution to the Earth Charter objectives.