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The Occasion of UN Day
24 October, 2014

Speech of HRH Princess Basma bint Talal
on the occasion of  UN Day
24 October 2014

I feel very privileged to be with you once again to celebrate UN Day. This celebration comes at a time when support for the UN is most needed. This is a time when communities in different parts of the world, including this region in particular, and most specifically its women and children, are being subjected to the harshest of suffering. The escalating conflicts and subsequent mass migrations that we see and hear about every day have created challenges for the UN and its organizations on a scale that is hard to imagine. 

Meanwhile, on a day-to-day level, women’s voices and needs are still too frequently overlooked. We are still a long way off from making acceptable progress on issues such as domestic and sexual violence, human trafficking and early marriage. The upcoming sixteen days of worldwide activism against gender based violence mobilized by the UN, is a rallying cry for raising societal awareness and increasing the commitment to curtail such practices and crimes.

And again looking at the day to day situation of youth in our region, which is among the most youthful in the world, and where young people are described as a driving force for development,  the level of unemployment is still high at 23.2% compared to the world average of 13.9%.  Hence, targeted initiatives aimed at strengthening young peoples participation and building their capacities have yet to achieve their goals. 

The global vision to achieve sustainable development for all requires individual effort. In the Post-2015 agenda we find the necessary framework for strategic action to fight poverty, reduce inequality, provide better health care and education and preserve natural resources.  But only by our actions today, can we set a sustainable foundation for the future.
In all these three areas it has been an honour for me to advocate for the UN’s goals, as a Goodwill Ambassador to UN Women and UNFPA and UNDP Honorary Human Development Ambassador. My commitment to these key priorities is stronger than ever.

On UN day, May I express my warmest gratitude and deepest appreciation to the UN family in Jordan and to pay tribute to each and everyone of you for your dedicated and inspiring efforts.

Whether at the global, regional or local levels I think that there is no better partner than the UN.