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Jordan Food Bank

In March of 2008, The National Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition (NAJMAH) launched the Jordan Food Bank with the objective to provide families and individuals living below the poverty line access to nutritious food packages.

The hunger relief initiative has since created an outreach programme through its three large warehouses that connect to 20 distribution points around the Kingdom. When distributing the food aid, particular focus is placed on the elderly, children and infants who are the most vulnerable to food deficiency and malnutrition, as well as pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women.

In order to identify the neediest areas, NAJMAH in partnership with the WFP and collaboration with JOHUD conducted a comprehensive food security survey in poverty pockets throughout Jordan.

The survey will provide analysis for the food insecurity of the most vulnerable areas and the impact of food price increases on the level of food security at the household level.

The survey will also serve NAJMAH with a base line study to develop a hunger and food insecurity map to assist in better targeting resource allocation.

As an entity which is quickly evolving, The Food Bank is in the process of upgrading its food banking facilities to Global Food Banking standards.