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Diplomatic Bazaar Celebrates Mosaic of Cultures, Art of Giving
05 October, 2019

AMMAN — The 55th Annual International Diplomatic Bazaar, held on Saturday under the Patronage of HRH Princess Basma at Al-Hussein Youth City, saw the participation of a number of embassies from the region and around the world.

During the inauguration, Princess Basma said that the 55th edition highlights the desire of the Jordanian society and the international community, through the various participating embassies, to support Mabarrat Um Al Hussein, a home that provides education and a safe space for young boys from the ages of 6-18 who come from “challenging” backgrounds, according to a statement from the princess′ office. 
"With continuous support by Jordanians and the diplomats in the Kingdom, everyone serves humanity and young people to have a better future," she said. 
The princess expressed her joy at this year′s expanded organisation of the event, giving special focus to the Palestinian embassy, whose staff she said exerted a lot of effort to be able to take part in the bazaar.
The event not only contributes to Mabarrat Um Al Hussein, but also sees the wide attendance of the Amman community and international visitors, who are able to browse the costumes, products, handicrafts and food of over 50 countries, supported by diplomatic missions and sponsors, according to organisers.
"India has always participated in this bazaar and we have very traditional handicrafts, clothing, garments and other such items, which are very popular," Indian Ambassador to Jordan Anwar Haleem told The Jordan Times at the event.
The Palestinian booth showcased various products, including clothing, trays, cushions, books and other small jewellery and small boxes, all handmade by women seeking to support their families, staff at the booth said, noting that there are 500 women contributing. 
At the Egyptian booth, the staff drew attention to products made from 100-per cent Egyptian cotton, and types of handmade clothing that can only be found in Upper Egypt, alongside other handmade purses and clothes, all of which are made without machinery.
One of the visitors, Shereen Faouri, said she visits the bazaar every year to check the wares and products of Japan, Lebanon, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine, in particular.
"I like the various products of the many countries here, but, of course, we end up buying Jordanian ones as well every time, especially the sweets," she noted.
At the Chinese booth, the staff said that they have participated in the diplomatic bazaar multiple times, every time showing products that reflect their culture, such as Chinese tea and panda toys, in order to contribute, as well as teach people more about their culture. 
Mahadi Maidin, Brunei&′s ambassador to Jordan, said that this is Brunei′s first time participating in the international diplomatic bazaar, which he said would help support the children of Mabarrat Um Al Hussein, as well as show people that Brunei has a presence in Jordan.
"We have handicrafts and many local foods made by our staff and even some from my wife," he added.

Japan ranked second in regards to the contributions to Mabarrat Um Al Hussein in the 54th edition, Koji Fukuzaki, head of protocol and culture at the Japanese embassy in Jordan, said.
"We are selling Japanese products, such as lunchboxes, plates and chopsticks, which are for daily use, but are made with the traditional Japanese techniques," Fukuzaki said, noting that in the food section, there is also sushi and some Japanese sweets and tea as well.
Turkish Ambassador to Jordan Murat Karagoz said, "We have good cooperation between the embassy and the Jordan-Turkish committee and others, and we brought products from tablecloths to sweets to lamps and other materials."
He added, "We know Jordanian people like Turkish art and culture, and we aim to make a good contribution for the Mabarrat, especially as our participation increases each year."
"I visit the bazaar every year,” said Najwa Al Bdour, who came with three daughters. “I enjoy it a lot with my daughters, and knowing that the money is raised for Mabarrat Um Al Hussein motivates me to be here," she said, noting that she likes viewing the products of Turkey, China and the Philippines, among others.